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GMC control platform helps factories realize flexible manufacturing

at the first arc automation strategy and best practice forum, songzhenhua, manager of industrial automation marketing department of baccalais, once again introduced the open GMC control platform. Manager Song said that GMC is a future oriented design and plays an increasingly important role in production. It includes the integration with PLC and HMI to obtain a flexible balance in the whole machine design and the whole plant design, so that each unit can have independent performance evaluation as a replacement and the performance matching of the whole line, and makes them not lack flexibility at all. (abbreviated as manager song in the text)

right: Song Huazhen, manager of industrial automation marketing department of baccalais

Advanced GMC control platform

at present, with the promotion of the integration of the two modernizations and the new requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, the manufacturing industry is trying to carry out the two levels of unit equipment automation and equipment network informatization, namely digital production and digital management. The computer programmable automation controller, which integrates motion control, field network, software platform, machine vision and PLC, is the new development trend of equipment automation in the future

through modular, integrated and open overall solutions, users can easily realize the integration of their special processes and realize basic independent innovation, which not only avoids all the difficult development process from scratch, but also maximizes the efficiency of product development for users, speeds up the listing process of new products, and enables users' products to maintain their unique style and realize differentiated and personalized competition, Quickly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises

nowadays, OEM manufacturers are trying to find a balance between mass production and flexibility of non-standard design, and motion control solves the problem well. In order to focus on establishing a motion control scheme for the whole plant, Bei 2 Protection function: the machine has two limit protection methods of software and machinery, and the proportion of active shutdown beyond the load can be dynamically set; With over-current, over-voltage, overload and other protection functions, Calais took the lead in putting forward the concept of GMC in China, trying to make this architecture adapt to the changing needs of the future market and the increasing cost pressure

gmc continuously responds to user needs and integrates a variety of different functions. Under the GMC architecture, acoposmulti common DC bus drive technology provides a DC-bus solution, so that the braking energy can be fed back to the DC bus and provided to the shafts in other motor states, saving the cost of the industry

not only that, GMC control platform can also shorten the time of product launch. The iec+plcopen standard application library provides fast call, while the custom library provides the ability of differentiated design. When many manufacturers serve a customer, they often find that they need to master various control products for system configuration, application learning and training

manager song pointed out that GMC is a system integrating CNC, robot and motion control. It can use the respective advantages of different unit components and provide robot control, CNC processing, general programming language, display and Powerlink real-time communication technology integration

manager song introduced that he is committed to perfect automation. Baccalais uses an independent development platform and central data storage to complete efficient automation tasks and meet any requirements of equipment manufacturers. Automation studio realizes the complete integrated automation concept, and completes the development of control, display, motion control and communication of the whole series of products of baccalais through a network

from the site to the management information, APROL DCS integrates the pyramidal automation task, adopts advanced concurrent engineering technology, comfortable operation platform and real-time monitoring system, and makes a complete record and reasonable evaluation of the historical process data. Safemc, acopos series, 8ms/3ls, safelogic and other general control products can meet the complex and high dynamic motion control, such as point-to-point control, speed control, torque control, crosscutting, flying saw, color code control, etc

broad market prospects

with the continuous development of globalization and increasingly fierce market competition, in order to maintain competitive advantages and commercial profits, manufacturers continue to invest and improve production capacity. General motion control technology has been widely concerned, applied and developed because of its own advantages. Nowadays, the general motion control technology has gradually developed into a highly integrated technology, which not only includes the general multi axis speed and position control technology, but also is closely related to the process conditions and technical requirements of the application system

for the whole general motion control market, the industrial machinery market has responded well. Arc predicts that the GMC market will reach more than US $8.2 billion in 2010. Himanshu Shah, senior analyst of arc Consulting Group, said that in highly developed countries and regions, people have a stable market for machinery and found that people not only have high expectations and requirements for cars; At the same time, many machinery manufacturers have also seen a significant increase in the demand for machinery markets in developing countries, including China, India and Eastern European countries

global automobile manufacturers have set up factories in Asia and also adopt the high standards and high quality requirements they follow in developed countries in production, which will further drive the market demand for GM motion control products and services. Now, more and more OEM manufacturers hope to integrate their rich industry application experience into motion control, and personalize the function of motion controller for different applications and control objects

as the first Chinese enterprise in the Asia Pacific region that has independent intellectual property rights and specializes in high-speed and high-precision motion controller products, the motion control products launched by Gu hi tech have filled many gaps in domestic related industries, and their comprehensive performance has reached the first-class level in Asia and even the world. For the GMC market full of infinite vitality, Gugao believes that the emerging advanced manufacturing equipment industry is developing at a high speed, the advanced manufacturing equipment industry urgently needs to improve the core technology level, the upgrading of the traditional equipment industry and government support and many other factors make GMC full of momentum

manager Song said: baccalais has been committed to providing perfect automation solutions for industrial users in China. Through its keen insight into the trend of technology development and its unremitting pursuit of providing users with integrated high-quality solutions, we have become the leader in innovation and technology in the automation industry

In a word, motion control technology has become a modern brake technology. Motion controller is not only widely used in the traditional mechanical NC industry, but also plays an irreplaceable role in the emerging electronic manufacturing and information product manufacturing industry. (text/hard rock)

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