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The planting, packaging and transportation of pear seedlings

choose a sheltered, flat and dry place to dig a 1 meter wide and 0.5 meter deep north-south extended planting ditch, and the ditch length depends on the number of seedlings. The seedlings are inclined to the south at an angle of 45 °, with one layer of seedlings and one layer of soil, so that the soil can be in full contact with the root system to avoid voids. The thickness of soil is 1/2 ~ 1/3 of the exposed seedling stem. In order to prevent the artificial seedlings from draining out in winter, snow should be cultivated around and above the artificial planting ditch. If there is less snow in winter, attention should be paid to watering. Seedlings that need to be transported abroad should be wrapped with wet grass, new plastic materials and new processing technologies, and the roots should be filled with wet sawdust or soaked straw to keep the roots moist. From 50 to 100 plants, Lurun invented a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) package, which was tightly tied with ropes, wrapped the root tightly, and hung a label, indicating the species and rootstock names introduced by Zhang Anmin, Secretary of the Party committee of pinyucheng. In case of long-distance transportation, water it on the way to prevent pumping dry

source: Liu Yan, economic crops department, Mudanjiang Agricultural Technology Extension Station

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