Failure analysis of the hottest continuous ink sup

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Failure analysis of continuous ink supply system 2 of 11 cases

2. Pipeline blockage

failure phenomenon:

◇ when the ink extraction process is performed many times, the pumping force of the syringe needs to be large, and most of the extracted is air

◇ one color is completely broken (usually black)


follow the above Troubleshooting procedure of "bubbles in the ink cartridge". If you find that there is a great resistance when pumping ink with the syringe, and no ink flows into the syringe, you can determine that the pipeline is blocked. The following are several situations that lead to pipeline blockage and their treatment methods. Please check and eliminate the faults in sequence

◇ the ink outlet is blocked

inspection method: plug the sealing plug on the external box and turn it upside down. Pull out the ink delivery pipe from the external ink cartridge and check whether it is blocked

Troubleshooting: insert the needle of the syringe into the ink outlet to dredge

◇ the inking elbow is blocked

inspection method: pull out the inking elbow from the ink cartridge, and then pull out the inking elbow from the end of the inking pipeline to check whether it is blocked

Troubleshooting: clean the elbow with clean water and blow it with your mouth to dredge it

◇ the ink delivery pipeline is blocked

inspection method: under the condition of ensuring that the ink outlet and ink injection elbow are not blocked, use a syringe to draw ink from the ink outlet of the ink cartridge. If the ink level in the external ink cartridge does not float, it can be inferred that the ink delivery pipeline is blocked. 5. To keep the experimental machine clean

Troubleshooting: first check whether there are foreign matters at both ends of the ink delivery pipeline that cause blockage. If there is a short crystal or foreign matter, it can be removed with a straightened paper clip; If it is the blockage of the long pipeline, please contact the local dealer to purchase a new six row pipeline (four row pipeline)

◇ check whether the air filter of the external ink cartridge is blocked

inspection method: when the above three possibilities have been eliminated, it can be judged that the air filter of the external ink cartridge is blocked

Troubleshooting: clean the air filter and dry the water

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