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Painter acute leukemia family suspected of being an occupational disease company denies

painter acute leukemia family suspected of being an occupational disease company denies

March 19, 2010

[China paint information] one year after working as a painter, a 20-year-old Sichuan boy Xiaodong was found to have acute leukaemia and no money for treatment. Ms. Li, her mother, believes that the company should be responsible for her son's illness due to long-term exposure to paint

Ms. Li introduced that on January 25th, 2009, Xiao Dongjing's acquaintances Shi and Yang introduced him to work as a painter in the company of Yang in Beijing. Last August, Xiaodong felt unwell, but he didn't go to Xuanwu Hospital for examination until this year because he was too busy with the project. He was diagnosed with acute leukemia on January 18. At present, Xiao Dong has no money for treatment, so he can only temporarily live in a rented house and take some medicine

"this must be caused by paint. The company has." Ms. Li believed that her son had received a physical examination when he came to work in Beijing and was in good health, so there was a certain connection between leukemia and being a painter. But his son was a temporary worker, and he did not sign a contract after adding his mechanical function through appropriate heat treatment process. The company is also unwilling to provide his son's occupational health history and write an occupational certificate for him

"his illness has nothing to do with his work." Yesterday, Mr. Yang said in the interview that Xiaodong doesn't always work with paint at ordinary times, but also does other work such as installation. Sometimes he brushes paint for half an hour or one hour a day. In addition, the company uses environmental protection paint and sends special personnel to monitor, so he can't get leukemia. "I have done it for more than 10 years. 2. Adjust the machine conditions according to the size of all finished products, which is too large or too small. Nothing happened at all, and other workers were fine."

Yang also said that after the incident, the company launched a love donation and raised more than 10000 yuan for Xiaodong

experts say

you can apply to extract paint samples for testing

Chaoyang Hospital 4. Haofengtong, director of the Department of occupational diseases and poisoning medicine of forming conditions, said that at present, leukemia caused by benzene has been included in the national list of occupational diseases, but because there is a long latent period of leukemia, the national standard for it is: engage in this kind of work for 1 year or more, and it will not come on until another year. Take Xiaodong as an example. He worked as a painter in January 2009. If he became ill after January 2011, he would meet the standard

Hao Fengtong suggested that the parties concerned could apply to the safety supervision department or other identification institutions to take paint samples on site and detect whether the paint contains benzene. If the enterprise is willing to cooperate, it can also conduct physical examination for workers of the same type of work within the occupational scope of the party concerned. "If other people's physical examination results do not have benzene poisoning symptoms, then Xiaodong is unlikely to have leukemia caused by benzene."

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