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Laser printer failure and maintenance

at present, with the popularity of desktop computers and notebook computers, printers have also become one of the indispensable office peripherals in our daily life. Unlike computers, printers are consumables, and every part of them is aging with our use. We may not pay much attention to this

because the accessories in a small printer are nothing more than a few small things, and the value is nothing more than dozens of yuan, and the high point is only one or two hundred yuan. Even if it breaks down, it won't cost much to change it. But as long as you remember a little, this small printer, in a small-scale company with only a dozen people, The annual repair and maintenance cost is also about 300 or 500 yuan (this is when there is no problem with large parts such as selenium drum and printing roller); The service life of ordinary printers is about three years. It is estimated that the cost of these three years will be more than 1000 yuan. We can buy a medium-grade printer only about 1000 yuan. In this way, we can see that using one printer may be equivalent to the use price of two printers, which is a little uneconomical. How can we spend as little money as possible to make our printers do more? This requires efforts in the daily maintenance of the printer

maintenance is more common than cars and other large items, but few people pay attention to it if it is used on the printer. It is also office supplies that serve us. Why can't we make a snack on it, not to mention it will save us a lot of money

the author specially comes to provide you with some daily maintenance methods for the printer, which is also the experience I have accumulated in the use of the printer in my work, hoping to reduce some unnecessary expenses and troubles for readers

take hp1020 as an example. It is no longer the mainstream product in the market, but it was still a very popular laser printer a year ago. It is because now, after a year of use, we may notice that there are frequent problems with our printers at this time. Why is it that paper is often jammed or something is blurred? The main reason for this is that we didn't pay attention to maintenance during long-term use. The internal accessories of the printer are very aging, and the printer will tell us that it is urgent to increase with the experimental force after one year of use. According to the author's analysis, the printer now most often appears with the relevant research results, academic views, engineering experience, and There are three questions that can be applied for papers such as hypothetical suggestions:

first, the printer is frequently jammed

second, the files printed by the printer are very fuzzy

third, the printer is mainly made of a few kinds of plastic resins, which can't produce anything or only print half of it

on the three points of appeal, we find the root cause of the problem, mainly focusing on two points, one is the selenium drum, the other is the printing film. As long as we focus on the maintenance of the printer on these two parts and ensure their normal operation, our printer can basically act according to our wishes

complaint three points we find the root cause of the problem, mainly focusing on two points, one is the selenium drum, the other is the printing film. As long as we focus on the maintenance of the printer on these two parts and ensure their normal operation, our printer can basically act according to our wishes

so what should we do? First of all, after we go to the office every day, it's best to think about turning on the printer to preheat it. The main purpose of this is to avoid that we don't want to turn on the power of the printer when printing documents, so that the printer can print documents immediately without preheating. This will not only accelerate the aging of the printer's printing roller, but also make the printing film stick with the printing powder. After the printing film is stuck with the powder, Then the surface of the printed document will become very blurred

this is a point to pay attention to. Another is that we try to avoid the printer working continuously for a long time when printing documents, because the laser printer attaches the toner to it by heating through the heating pipe, and then presents the final printing result by laser positioning. Therefore, if we let the printer print continuously for a long time, because the printing wheel of the printer is made of plastic materials, This will increase the heat accumulation of the print roller, resulting in the deformation and wear of the print roller, thus accelerating its aging progress. In addition, this will also make the print film accumulate and heat deformation, greatly increasing its powder viscosity

we should pay attention to what we should pay attention to when there is no problem with the printer. Now let's talk about what we should do after the printer has a problem, so as not to make the printer "more painful"

there are three problems that often occur in the printer. First, if the printer is jammed, there are only two cases. One is to jam the paper at the feeder, and the other is to jam the paper at the paper outlet. After the paper jam occurs, we don't directly pull the clamped paper out by hand, but first pull the paper jam to the lower position, and then slowly pull the paper out. It's best to pull the paper out of the paper outlet when pulling the paper, Don't open the machine cover to take out the selenium drum and pull the paper out of the paper inlet. This will also avoid wearing the rolling gear while pulling the paper, because this pulling is just opposite to the rotation direction of the paper inlet gear, and try not to let the paper break inside. If there is a paper break inside, don't use a hard object to shovel, which will cause very serious damage to the printer accessories, Even if it is not bad, it will greatly accelerate the aging process of machine accessories

when the second and third faults appear, the first thing you should think of is that the powder is stuck on the powder adding roller of the toner drum. We can take out the toner drum first, open the sliding cover to see if there is powder inside. If it is normal here, it is necessary to see if there is a problem with the printing film of the printer. Generally speaking, one may be that the printing film is stuck with printing powder, Second, there are crutches and scratches on the printing film, so that the laser powdering and paper feeding cannot be coordinated during printing; If there is a problem with the printer film, it needs to be replaced, but I want to remind you that the quality of the original film on the market now, of course, needless to say, you can rest assured to use it; It can be said that for those domestic products that are also popular in the market, an original film costs about 130 yuan, and although the price of these domestic products is more than 50 yuan cheaper than the original ones, its quality is far inferior to the original ones. It is very easy to stick powder in the printing process, and the printing effect is far inferior to the original ones when printing some special paper for typesetting (such as sulfuric acid paper); The difference between the genuine and fake toner cartridges and the printing film is also similar. Their price difference is about 150 yuan. Here I want to remind you to try to choose the original ones, which will not only ensure the quality, but also have a longer service life

well, I have told you so much about the author's experience and opinions, and I really hope to provide you with some help and reference in the daily use of printers. Of course, there are many better and more effective ways to maintain the printer. Those only let us explore it together in the future and share it with you in a timely and effective manner

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