Before the fire, Dow Chemical scientists stole Dow

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According to the New York Times, a jury in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, found that a former Dow Chemical scientist was involved in stealing Dow's trade secrets and selling them to some Chinese companies

during the three-week trial, evidence showed that the 74 year old scientist Liu Wenshu also bribed a Dow employee $50000 to obtain information about Dow's production of a synthetic material. This material is used in the sheaths of automotive hoses, cables and polyethylene wallboards

Huang Kexue, another former Dow Chemical scientist, is also suspected of participating in economic espionage and sharing Dow Chemical's pesticide secrets with some Chinese researchers. He is currently awaiting trial in Indiana

an official of the Ministry of Justice said that Mr. Liu's accomplice was committed for at least eight years. The trial testimony showed that Mr. Liu began to steal trade secrets in 1995 and continued until February 2003 Regardless of the hardware reasons of the material testing machine, human factors can be considered. Officials from the Ministry of Justice said that he sold trade secrets for more than $500000 and was raising the price to $4million before the matter was revealed

according to an official of the Ministry of justice, Mr. Liu has been a research scientist of Tao who made the structure more concise and lively since 965, and he retired in 1992. He studied chlorinated polyethylene tyrin CPE at a Dow plant in Louisiana

Mr. Liu's lawyer said that his client did not steal anything and the witness gave false testimony

the evidence provided by the government shows that after Mr. Liu left Dow, he paid $50000 to a Dow employee to obtain Dow's operation manual for the production of the above polymer. He also paid two other accomplices, but the prosecutor did not call them bribes

according to the prosecutor, Liu Xian told the customer every detail. He was born in China and peddled secrets. Dow Chemical executives confirmed that the company has invested a lot of money to develop this technology and has taken measures to protect it

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