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"2012 China food packaging consumption warning" has 13 kinds of packaging

China has always attached great importance to the safety of food packaging, but due to various reasons, some food packaging still causes or may cause harm to the health of consumers. 2012 China food packaging consumption warning lists 13 kinds of food packaging that may be harmful to human health:

1: poor quality napkins often contain fluorescent brighteners, which is harmful to human health

2: the alcohol concentration of disinfected wipes does not meet the standard, which cannot achieve the effect of effective disinfection, especially for children

3: it is possible to add fluorescent brightener on the inner side of popcorn barrel, and this substance can cause cancer until it passes the test. Its safety is worrying

4: PC milk bottles have been banned, but they are still on sale, so consumers need to see clearly when purchasing

5: a small amount of plasticizer intake is not harmful to human body, so there is no need to worry. But try to drink less and speed up metabolism

6: the plastic limit has been for three years, but there are mixed ups and downs, and garbage bags are still overflowing

7: disposable foam lunch boxes have been banned for 11 years, but more than 100 enterprises can still produce them legally

8: melamine tableware has no hidden dangers in scientific use, and the storage tray containing urea formaldehyde should be careful when loading food

9: transparent PVC fresh-keeping film should avoid contact with greasy food and microwave heating

10: color straws should not be used frequently, which is not conducive to health and industrial transformation and upgrading

11: when purchasing stainless steel tableware, it is necessary to identify whether it is stainless steel or stainless iron. Try not to contain salt, sauce and vinegar after buying it back

12: some moon cake plasticizers exceed the standard by 800 times, and there are problems in the detection and supervision of illegal additions

13 bottled water and beverages have many problems, and experts suggest that they should only be used as emergency drinking water

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