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China has invested 10 billion yuan to build the world's first environmental IOT, and it has a long way to go to achieve environmental monitoring through it

four years later, Yang Zijiang recalled the situation when he learned that the project was approved, and he couldn't help raising his voice. His original joy is still evident today

on the first working day after the Spring Festival in 2007, Lu Xinyuan, director of the Environmental Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of environmental protection, told Yang Zijiang that the premier approved the national controlled pollution source automatic monitoring capacity-building project applied for before the new year

really approved? As the director of the Management Office of the Environmental Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of environmental protection, Yang Zijiang doesn't believe his ears

fight well prepared

the approval of this project was unexpected but reasonable. On the one hand, the Environmental Supervision Bureau has reported the project from different angles for many times, but failed to do so for various reasons. On the other hand, the leaders of the Environmental Supervision Bureau have always insisted that the automatic monitoring of pollution sources should be done well sooner or later. Therefore, before the project was determined, they did a lot of planning and preparation work, including technology, management, systems and regulations. For example, in 2005, they issued the management measures for automatic monitoring of pollution sources

just like playing football, players have a lot of long dribbling and falling feet before shooting, which is actually looking for fighters. Yang Zijiang told China's economy and informatization: since 2005, the state has increased investment in environmental protection. Because of sufficient preparation, it can immediately come up with a complete set of plans to report, and seize the opportunity in time

the goal of the national pollution source automatic monitoring capacity-building project is to install automatic pollution source monitoring equipment in key national monitoring enterprises. At the same time, three-level pollution source monitoring centers at the national, provincial (autonomous region, municipality directly under the central government) and prefecture level will be built in parallel, so that the pollution emission data of key national pollution sources monitored by the automatic pollution source monitoring equipment can be timely transmitted to the three-level monitoring center, and the data will be processed into sewage charges Provide basis for pollution law enforcement and pollution control, and provide support for environmental emergency and emission reduction decisions

by the end of 2010, 343 provincial-level pollution sources had been built nationwide, mainly due to the poor physical properties of self insulation materials and the implementation of automatic monitoring of more than 15000 pollution sources by the prefecture and municipal pollution source monitoring centers. As the project leader, Yang Zijiang can now relax a little. He can check the monitoring data of national pollution sources in the Beijing general control room

as an important part of the construction of the three emission reduction systems of statistics, monitoring and assessment of the Ministry of environmental protection, its establishment is not achieved overnight, and its organization, implementation, management, inspection and other processes are full of interest games between the state, local governments and enterprises

Songhua River incident

the final establishment of the project is an important embodiment of the country's attention to environmental protection. Yang Zijiang told that in 2005, environmental protection received unprecedented attention due to the Songhua River pollution incident

on November 13, 2005, an explosion occurred in the biphenyl plant of PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Company. After the explosion accident, the environmental protection department found that benzene pollution, an organic substance harmful to human health, flowed into the second Songhua River, causing large-scale water pollution. This has not only had a huge impact on the drinking water of residents in the upper and lower reaches of the Songhua River, but also triggered Russia's claim against China for the pollution of the Songhua River. The occurrence of such serious events made the country strongly aware that environmental protection issues must be vigorously addressed, and began to attach great importance to them

pollution is not formed in a day, but gradually accumulated in the process. Yang Zijiang said that after the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of economy, the problem of environmental pollution has become more and more serious. The simplest explanation of the experimental method is to dissolve gas or steam in one side of the film. The period from 1990s to 2005 is the period of rapid economic development in China, and it is also the craziest period for enterprises to illegally discharge pollutants. As the main body of economic development, enterprises blindly pursue economic profits, lack awareness of the pollution it produces, and insufficient investment and attention in environmental protection. The phenomenon of excessive discharge of pollutants and even illegal illegal illegal discharge is very serious

the invisible hand of market economy is not omnipotent, but also has some failures. According to Yang Zijiang's analysis, the field of environmental protection is where the market economy fails, which requires the government to regulate and control, which has only a figurative hand to supervise. However, the problem of insufficient manpower is in front of the environmental protection department. He reluctantly told that the national environmental protection system only has more than 100000 people, and there are several million enterprises, large and small. It is impossible to send people to watch every pollution point. Tigers still have time to doze

at this time, national and local environmental protection departments began to wonder whether they could use some technical means and tools to help environmental protection departments enforce the law and supplement the lack of manpower in order to improve efficiency and timeliness

Engels said that tools are the extension of human organs. With the development of information technology, the upgrading of monitoring tools also reflects the interest competition between polluting enterprises and environmental supervision departments

initially, pollution monitoring was to install a black box on the pollution port. However, the network was not developed at that time. In order to deal with supervisors, the enterprise opened during the day and closed at night, or the supervisors left and closed. In this regard, the countermeasure of the regulatory department is to install a sensor on the power supply, and there is a signal when it is powered on, otherwise there is no signal, so that the switching time of the black box can be recorded

environmental protection departments at all levels are actively exploring from taking back the black box and inserting it into the old desktop computer to read data, using DOS system to see the switching time, to magnetic cards, 3.5-inch small floppy disks, and then to dialing. And enterprises are also trying to escape supervision

after the monitoring equipment is installed, some enterprises do not use it carefully, but do damage, unplug the line, and the operators make interference signals, etc. What is more serious is that a machine can withstand 380 volts or 220 volts. Some enterprises that do not want to be monitored add 1000 volts to the instrument, burn the machine, and avoid detection by making mistakes in operation and connecting the wrong electricity

what's more, some enterprises are switchyards. When supervisors go to check, they open the pollution supervision facilities and close them when supervisors leave; Or it may be on during the day and off at night

lotus game

in addition to the objective over standard emissions, many enterprises maliciously violate the regulations and over standard emissions. In that year, Henan lotus monosodium glutamate was secretly discharged and released, which is a typical example

environmental supervisors have visited lotus monosodium glutamate such as psf/pbt, psf/abs and psf+ mineral powder for many times to check the sewage discharge. On the surface, the pollution discharge of enterprises is normal, but people have always reported their illegal pollution discharge. Therefore, environmental protection supervisors made a detailed investigation on it, including the water consumption of enterprises and production consumption. However, according to the calculation of the known discharge points, the environmental protection supervisors found that there was a gap in the amount of water, and from the perspective of technology, the quality of sewage discharged from Lotus monosodium glutamate would not be as good as seen. This has aroused the suspicion of environmental protection supervisors

later, as the police solved the case, environmental inspectors found the sewage outlet several kilometers away through clues according to the reports of the masses. It turned out that lotus monosodium glutamate was secretly discharged, and even buried several kilometers of hidden pipes through roads and farmland

this kind of illegal discharge is not a case. This also prompted the later revised water pollution prevention and control law to stipulate that the act of privately setting up concealed pipes for the purpose of evading supervision is illegal and should be severely punished

as the saying goes, good things are difficult, and the installation of pollution source monitoring equipment is not the same. "Yan zengxu, Secretary General of China instrumentation industry association, said that the sail is smooth. Enterprises are unwilling, and local environmental protection departments also have concerns

corporate conflict is a common phenomenon, and no one is willing to pretend. The monitoring equipment installed on the scene is actually an electronic policeman, a tool for the police to catch thieves. It is certainly impossible to expect thieves to spend money on handcuffs themselves, and even if they do, they will not use them well. Yang Zijiang analyzed

enterprises not only need human investment to install monitoring equipment, but also need their own investment. The total investment of the project may exceed 10billion yuan, most of which is spent on the instruments at the site. One instrument is about 100000 yuan. With supporting facilities, the investment of a pollution source monitoring system is about 300000-500000 yuan. Usually, enterprises have more than one pollution discharge outlet. Yang Zijiang said that the investment of enterprises is not small. In the era of universal pursuit of economic profits, enterprises are certainly unwilling

in the face of this situation, the state can only take measures of carrots and sticks. Enterprises do not install pollution monitoring equipment, and other projects cannot be launched

the general manager surnamed Niu of Lianhua monosodium glutamate environmental protection supervision headquarters was even more outspoken in an interview with China economy and informatization. This is what the government asked to do. There is no way. In fact, installing this equipment is not good or bad for enterprises

it is understood that the inspectors of the Ministry of environmental protection have checked lotus monosodium glutamate for dozens of times. Although lotus monosodium glutamate was later equipped with testing equipment at the sewage outlet, it was only superficial at that time

once, the environmental supervisor went to check and found that the detection equipment was stopped. Reluctantly, the staff arrived at the monitoring equipment site and shirked the inspection on the excuse that they had no key and could not open the door. At the insistence of the supervisor, the door was finally opened, and the electrodes were rusted and a lot of soil fell on them

from the perspective of local governments, although local governments are more active in allowing enterprises to install monitoring equipment, they are reluctant to be seen by superior departments. This is also human nature. Everyone wants to let the superior see the good side. If the superior department finds that the pollution is serious, the local government will also be criticized. In addition, some local network monitoring conditions and management rules and regulations, standards and norms are not perfect

Zijin blind spot

with the economic development and the improvement of environmental protection awareness and social awareness of enterprises, the progress and effect of pollution source monitoring projects have been improved. If a small-scale paper mill wants to treat the pulping sewage to the standard, its cost is more than the money it earns. In this way, enterprises will definitely choose to secretly discharge and release. Yang Zijiang said, however, with the promotion of the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, the overall scale of enterprises has been improved, and the average cost of pollution control will also be reduced. This account is more clear to enterprises than we do

referring to the benefits brought by emission reduction, Yang Zijiang frankly said that it is more about long-term social and environmental benefits than direct economic benefits. For example, if the current power plant is equipped with monitoring equipment, it can not only see the pollution discharge, but also the whole production situation, including power generation and basic operation. Second, through this kind of information feedback of the power plant, the power generation process can be better controlled. This can make the boiler combustion efficiency more appropriate, generate as much power as possible, and exhaust as little as possible

he said that pollution is not terrible. Pollution is actually raw materials or energy that are not fully utilized. The coal emits black smoke, which is the tiny particles of carbon. The coal is not 100% burned, and the small particles of coal are blown out with the smoke, which must be recycled. But if you control the proportion of air and coal when burning coal, and burn it fully, first

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