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Before the end of the month, all localities will introduce structural adjustment plans for the cement and flat glass industries

according to the rising news, the Ministry of industry and information technology has listed a timetable for the elimination of backward production capacity in the cement and flat glass industries

because cement grinding, high-temperature calcination and other processes in the production process need to consume a lot of fuel and electric energy, and release pollutants at the same time. Its dust emission accounts for 30% of the total industrial emission, and the emission of nitrogen oxides accounts for about 10% - 12% of the national total, which directly promotes the formation of haze weather

according to the requirements of the Ministry of industry and information technology, by the end of 2017, the capacity utilization rate of the cement industry will be increased to more than 75%, the capacity scale is basically reasonable, and the industry pattern will match and coordinate with the regional economic and social development. At the same time, the quality and efficiency of the development of the cement industry have been significantly improved. Compared with 2012, the emission of dust and nitrogen oxides in the industry has been reduced by more than 40%, and the comprehensive energy consumption per unit product has been reduced by more than 12%. Do you think the machine is cheap and reliable? The production line accounts for 10%, and the cement production capacity of 300 million tons (clinker plus grinding) with weak competition has been further eliminated. The average profit margin of the industry is not lower than the average level of the manufacturing industry

in order to achieve this goal, the Ministry of industry and information technology requires that all provinces can play a greater role only if they keep pace with the times and have good equipment. The competent department should put forward the structural adjustment plan (year) for the cement and flat glass industry in the region before March 31 this year. While maintaining an optimistic spirit, all regions should put forward the local cement For the illegal projects under construction and completed in the flat glass industry, the specific treatment plan shall be disclosed to the construction team

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