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Brilliant prospect of the concurrent forum of 2013 Asia international label printing exhibition

many leading label and packaging printing experts will attend Labelexpo Asia 2013 and make a speech at the concurrent forum to celebrate Labelexpo's 10th anniversary in China. The 2013 Asia international label printing exhibition will be held on December 3 and 6. PLGA with different monomer mass ratios has been widely used in clinical practice. It will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). According to the current recruitment situation and audience organization scale, this exhibition will be the largest exhibition in the history of the exhibition

this exhibition will last for 4 days, with about 300 equipment manufacturers, auxiliary facilities and material processors participating. At the same time of the exhibition, a two-day forum will be held. The forum will discuss a wide range of topics, mainly focusing on global development trends, new technologies, sustainable growth and how to make enterprises sustainable profits. It can take 10 years and 8 years without any problem

Mr. Jukka Pekka haapanen, vice president of Asia Pacific region of fanolantai label, will discuss global development trends with the audience in the keynote speech at the opening of the forum. At that time, he will analyze the development status of China's emerging markets and predict the future trend according to the latest developments in the industry, as well as the opportunities and crises in the industry

On the first day of the forum, Mr. Hans gerinckx, sales director from Saikang label and packaging department, will summarize the new digital printing solutions one by one. Mr. Christian gal, regional manager of products and exports of Manter (Mentu) company, will introduce the new technologies, new application fields and possible market development opportunities that have recently appeared in the beverage labeling market, and conclude the discussion of the Forum on the first day. Mr. gal's speech will also cover the macro situation and future development trend of the global and Chinese wine market

the next day's forum will kick off with a speech by Mr. don Nolan, President of Allie Dennison materials group. He will introduce what is the important role of innovation in the label industry, and how to continue to maintain vitality, influence and promote the sustainable development of the industry in the future. His speech will also involve the analysis of the continuous growth in the field of labels and packaging in emerging markets

next, we will discuss sustainable development. This time, Martin Automatic technology is sub suitable for the machine tool operating environment; Low cost; Easy to connect with computers, Mr. He Keming, general manager of the Pacific region, will focus on how to make sustainable profits for enterprises, which requires modern label printers to achieve higher goals through process automation. Mr. He will share his experience in optimizing printing equipment and share with the audience the operating skills on how to improve production capacity, reduce waste and control energy consumption by introducing several cases of green driven profitability

Mr. John Davy, exhibition director of Asia international label printing exhibition, said: this year is the tenth year that Asia international label printing exhibition has landed in China. After ten years of development, it has become the most influential exhibition in the label printing industry in China and even Asia, and it is also an important exhibition that everyone in the industry must attend. Both the exhibition itself and the forum held at the same time of the exhibition will be the best place for Chinese and even global colleagues in the printing industry to focus on learning and exchange. In this short period of time, we can have an in-depth understanding of the development trends and new technology forms in the label and packaging printing/processing industry. In the future, Asia international label printing exhibition will, as always, be committed to a more lasting and stable development of the industry

Asia international label printing exhibition is the leading professional equipment exhibition in the Asia Pacific region. At that time, there will be many printing machines on the exhibition site for startup demonstration. This exhibition will also create a rare exchange opportunity for colleagues in the industry. The exhibition is for labels, soft goods, such as cylindrical force sensors, spoke force sensors, s-double hole sensors, 10 beam sensors and other types of packaging, folding cartons, commercial printers and processors. At the same time, it is also an exhibition that brand owners, label designers and industry suppliers must attend

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