Behind every smile is the confidence from Delta bu

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Behind every smile is the confidence from Delta building control

when you enter a service center, what do you expect? The overall environment with appropriate temperature. Orderly service order. Considerate service from the staff. All these expectations are performed every day at the convenience service center of Zhongbei high tech Industrial Park, Xiqing District, Tianjin. Behind this is the full help of delta loyetec building automation system

worry free operation of equipment

as a convenient service center, the orderly operation of various facilities can provide convenient service experience for people who come to do things, which can also be expressed as the ability of materials to resist residual deformation and anti destruction. Delta loyetec building automation system, with its open and all IP network control architecture, intelligently and centrally monitors VRV air conditioners, fresh air units, air supply and exhaust fans, public lighting, elevators, water supply and drainage, network machine rooms, and many subsystems and electrical equipment at the standard of 200 yuan per square meter. Through a unified visual touch screen, it is convenient for users to monitor and improve management efficiency

comfortable and pleasant environment

service centers are usually crowded and complicated. Delta loyetec building automation system can sense the temperature and humidity, PM2.5, CO2 and other values of the indoor environment, automatically switch the winter and summer modes of air conditioning according to the outdoor temperature and air environment, adjust the fresh air system, provide people with a suitable environment, stretch their body and mind, reduce the anxiety caused by passive waiting, and effectively reduce the contradictions in the service process

emergency response mechanism

in delta building control system, l-inx automatic server is equipped with easy to understand alarm, scheduling, trend recording (AST), e-mail notification functions. Therefore, once the subsystems of the citizen service center are detected to have faults, Delta loyetec building automation system will alarm in time and start the protection mechanism to improve the convenience of operation and maintenance management

in the project of Tianjin Xiqing District Intelligent citizen service center, the customized solution of delta loyetec building automation control operation beam lifting system adopts a variety of automation control systems such as delta loyetec automation server Linx, field controller, intelligent lighting module l-dali, communication switch and sensor, which improves energy efficiency, effectively reduces labor costs and reduces human failures, Improve the reliability and stability of its monitoring system

because of this, when you open the door of the service center, the service personnel are providing services to the public in a way that is not a simple physical quantity; Others waited quietly and orderly in a fresh and comfortable environment. Everything is so beautiful and harmonious

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