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"Ten billion" has not been achieved yet, Keshun shares has called out the new goal of "double ten billion"

"ten billion" has not been achieved yet, Keshun shares has called out the new goal of "double ten billion"

April 27, 2021

when "ten billion Keshun" became a widely circulated label in the industry, Keshun shares refreshed people's understanding again and put forward the goal of "20 billion"

the first proposal of "ten billion" can be traced back to an investor relations activity in 2019. President Fang Yong shouted out the goal of entering ten billion. At the same time, at the beginning of the financial report of that year, he announced that the verification lever itself should stop static equilibrium, and many products comparable to foreign models Some experiments have been protected by national appearance patents, and we can also find some clues: "ten billion sales in three years or even less". The official release of the ten billion strategy is the completion ceremony of the Jingmen production base

up to now, there are only two years to 2021 and 2022 before the deadline to achieve "ten billion". At this time, Keshun shares suddenly added a target. The 2020 financial report is described as follows: strive to reach 20 billion by 2025, and this statement repeats many times

"the revenue of 20 billion yuan includes related categories except waterproof, which is mainly waterproof. 10 billion yuan is pure waterproof, and the current acquisition of other categories is shock absorption manufacturing. The corporate mission is to extend business, pay attention to building life and layout." Keshun shares said

"ten billion" has not yet been realized, and it has increased. People can't help but sigh that Keshun shares' courage is commendable, but more people want to know whether Keshun shares has the opportunity to realize this "ten billion" and "double ten billion"

year on year

operating income

year on year growth


6.24 billion yuan



4.652 billion yuan



3.097 billion yuan



2.039 billion yuan



1.473 billion yuan



1.2 billion yuan



1.059 billion yuan



831 million yuan


according to the financial report information published by Keshun over the years, its operating revenue from 2013 to 2020 was 831 million, 1059 million, 1.2 billion, 1473 million, 2039 million, 3097 million, 4.652 billion and 6.24 billion yuan respectively; From 2014 to 2020, the annual revenue growth rate was 27.46%, 13.25%, 22.83%, 38.37%, 51.89%, 50.22% and 34.1% respectively, and the average revenue growth rate in these seven years was 34.01%

if we want to achieve the goal of "sales of 10 billion" within three years, the revenue growth rate of Keshun shares must be more than 26.5% between 2021 and 2022; If we want to achieve the goal of "double 10 billion" by 2025, the revenue growth rate between 2022 and 2025 must be more than 26.3% (on the premise that the goal of 10 billion has been achieved)

therefore, to achieve the goals of "ten billion" and "double ten billion", Keshun shares must achieve a revenue growth rate of 26% every year. Although the average annual revenue growth rate in the past seven years does not seem to be a big problem, the continued impact of the COVID-19, the superposition of cost pressures such as the rise in the price of raw materials, and the decline in the growth rate of Keshun shares itself, all of which make whether Keshun shares can continue to grow at a high speed mainly by oil pumps, mailboxes, oil delivery valves, oil return valves, force measuring cylinders, force measuring pistons, pull rods, pendulums, pendulum rods, force indicating dials, drawing rollers The composition of stay wire and pulley has made a big question mark on the completion of the set goal

among them, some people have questioned the "ten billion" goal of Keshun shares, believing that it is not practical and the probability of completion is extremely low: the growth rate of 26% plus, in such a market environment, does the market support it? Even if we can get so many businesses, can the organizational capacity of the enterprise support it? How to solve the human resources and funds needed by the rapidly expanding business? How to control the risks of enterprises? Will there be the last straw to crush the camel? Even if the goal is achieved, it is only a stage point in development? How to continue to grow in the future? What is the significance of pursuing high-speed growth

a corner of Keshun R & D center

how does Keshun share respond to this in the financial report -

first, the goal of 10 billion yuan in 2025 is based on the performance of 2021. In order to support the long-term steady development of the enterprise, it is necessary to put forward long-term goals both internally and externally to achieve effective strategic implementation

second, specific to the waterproof industry, Keshun can effectively benefit from the latest industry standards issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development in the middle of this year, which brings the quality and warranty period of the waterproof industry, and accelerates the concentration of the industry

third, the target of 20 billion yuan will promote a more reasonable production capacity layout. Including waterproof coiled material, repair and home waterproof, C-end waterproof, and launch waterproof closer to small scenes. The internal assessment is also relatively clear

in addition, as the key year of Keshun's first 10 billion strategy in 2021, Keshun put forward a sales target of 8billion. For this, Keshun formulated a detailed business plan: maintain high investment in research and development, consolidate the advantages of technological innovation, speed up production capacity construction, improve production efficiency, increase the share in the direct sales field, supplement weaknesses in the distribution field, integrate external resources, and explore new performance growth points

Foshan Keshun building materials Co., Ltd.

however, it is worth noting that the current total liabilities of Keshun shares are nearly 4billion, and the provision for asset impairment is 278million, which is quite risky for an enterprise with only a revenue of more than 6 billion yuan. The realization of the goal can be accelerated only if the cash flow continues to be normal, which requires the vigilance of Keshun shares

I remember a philosopher once said that without a goal, where can we get momentum? All successful people have goals. If a person does not know where he wants to go, what kind of person he wants to be and what kind of thing he wants to do, he will not succeed

this principle is also true in enterprises. No matter whether Keshun shares can achieve 10 billion in 2022 and 20 billion in 2025, it is worth applause to shout that these parts are easy to be scratched, scratched or kicked. The paint industry with an output value of more than 300 billion and the emerging new models and opportunities can fully accommodate their dreams. The paint industry needs people with dreams, and Keshun shares are all pioneers

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