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Beijing AVIC Smart Technology Co., Ltd.: Industrial UAVs have broad prospects for development. Zheng Zhenhua reported: on the morning of August 8, Zu Yajun, deputy general manager of Beijing AVIC Smart Technology Co., Ltd., visited the financial media live broadcast room of Zhuhai daily to talk about the development history, current situation and future development trend of China's UAVs. It is understood that Zhuhai AVIC Smart Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in June this year. In the future, it will become an industrial UAV military to civilian technology incubation and achievement transformation base. At present, AVIC intelligence has contacted relevant departments in Zhuhai on the project site selection and other issues

optimistic about China's UAV 5 According to the shape and fracture characteristics of the experiment, describe the market

"this year is our second time to participate in the China air show, bringing a total of 7 models of unmanned helicopters to the exhibition, including 6 types of suspended wing aircraft and a rotary wing aircraft, which can be said to be the centralized appearance of a full range of products." Zuyajun said that at this China air show, avic-tech launched the t333 coaxial twin rotor unmanned helicopter for the first time, which applied the bearingless fourth generation propeller to the coaxial twin rotor unmanned helicopter for the first time, greatly reducing mechanical parts and components, improving the reliability and life of the system, and the integrated design of engine aid solves the problem of short service life of safe landing under the condition of single engine flameout, expanding the safe flight channel, It greatly reduces the avoidance area and has the normal weight in areas below 3000 meters above sea level, but its molecular composition means that it can prevent the growth and take-off ability of fungi and bacteria in food, and its take-off and landing performance on plateau is outstanding

Zu Yajun is very optimistic about the development prospect of China's UAV market. He believes that although China's UAV industry started late, after several years of development, it has initially formed a relatively complete industrial chain of UAV industry clusters. In the future, both consumer and industrial UAVs will have broad prospects for development in China

Zu Yajun also pointed out that China's UAV industry still focuses on manufacturing, and is mainly concentrated in the field of consumer UAVs. It also needs to strengthen basic research and development, and label the UAV industry with "Chinese technology" on the basis of strengthening and expanding "made in China"

optimistic about the development of Zhuhai Aviation Industry

"Our company has accumulated a lot of technology and experience in military product research and development, and has a number of core technology patents in the flight control system, transmission system, blades and other aspects of industrial unmanned helicopters. This time, the elite went out to participate in the air show, mainly in the hope of taking more responsibilities in military civilian integration. We have registered Zhuhai AVIC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in June this year, and will promote the implementation of the project as soon as possible." Zu Yajun revealed that at present, the company has contacted relevant government departments in Zhuhai on project planning, site selection and other aspects. In the future, Zhuhai AVIC Smart Technology Co., Ltd. will mainly serve as an independent research and development base for civil industrial UAVs, focusing on the technology incubation and achievement transformation of military to civilian conversion

it is understood that AVIC intelligence is an enterprise mainly engaged in UAV development, system integration, industry application research and system service. As a pioneer in the domestic UAV industry, after years of development, it has formed a strong professional team in research and development, system integration, application research and industry service, and has successfully developed TA four rotor UAV, td220 general-purpose unmanned helicopter T333 unmanned helicopter and other multi type UAV products have been widely used in civil fields such as power line patrol, geophysical prospecting, customs anti smuggling, agricultural plant protection, anti-terrorism, emergency support and military fields such as reconnaissance and calibration, communication relay, radiation detection, precision strike and so on

at present, Zhuhai Aviation Industrial Park has taken the industrial UAV industry as an important development direction of the park. The stable and reliable performance of Zhuhai AVIC intelligence will inject new vitality into the development of industrial UAVs in Zhuhai. Zu Yajun is also full of confidence in the development of industrial UAVs in Zhuhai: "Zhuhai has a good aviation gene and has formed a competitive general aviation industry cluster, which is also one of the main reasons why we choose to settle in Zhuhai."

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