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Three major domestic telecom operators' Western IDC projects have successively settled in Chengdu

following the signing and settlement of Chinatelecom's western cloud computing base project on February 10 and China Mobile's western data center base project on February 22, yesterday, it signed an agreement with China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd. to jointly build China Unicom's IDC (Chengdu) base project in Chengdu. In a short period of three weeks, the three major domestic telecom operators' Western IDC base projects have successively settled down, marking that Chengdu is becoming the most important regional large-scale data center in China. Gehonglin, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, met with hanzhigang, vice president of China Unicom, and jointly attended the signing ceremony

gehonglin extended warm congratulations on the signing of the project. He said that as an important national electronic information industry base, Chengdu is rich in scientific and technological talent resources and has unique advantages in developing information service industry. In recent years, we have vigorously promoted the construction of information and communication infrastructure, including IDC, and the development of the service industry, which received a subsidy of 7million yuan from the state financial funds in the early information period, and focused on introducing a number of major projects. With the signing of the IDC project investment agreement with China Unicom today, Chengdu has taken another solid step in the process of building a large data center in the most important region in the central and western regions. As an important telecom operator in China, China Unicom has strong comprehensive strength and has made important contributions to the economic and social development of Chengdu for a long time. We are willing to work with China Unicom to take this IDC project signing as a new opportunity to actively expand friendly cooperation in the next generation information technology industry such as IOT cloud computing and next generation interconnection on the basis of deepening existing strategic cooperation, so as to jointly realize new leapfrog development

Liu Chao, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, delivered a speech at the signing ceremony. He said that the successful signing of the project will not only help China Unicom expand its own business, but also have a positive impact on improving the strategic position of Chengdu as a western communication hub. At present, Chengdu has embarked on a new round of development, accelerated the construction of an open regional center and an international city, and strived to build a core economic growth pole in the western region. The prospect is infinitely bright. It is hoped that while China Unicom accelerates the construction of contracted projects, polyurethane insulation materials have the advantages of low thermal conductivity and flame retardancy, it will continue to increase its investment in Chengdu, invest in more and better projects, become bigger and stronger in Chengdu, and work hand in hand with Chengdu to create a bright future of mutual benefit and win-win results

in his speech at the meeting and signing ceremony, hanzhigang said that before choosing fixtures, Chengdu municipal Party committee and government always attached great importance to the development of information industry and buzzed the prompt exhibition after each experiment. At present, Chengdu has become one of the eight major communication hubs in China. The base project is located in Chengdu, which has built a new platform for China Unicom to help Chengdu's information construction and promote economic transformation and upgrading. We will give full play to our own advantages, actively allocate various resources, go all out to support the realization of the goal of "wireless Chengdu", and take this as an opportunity, with the strong support of the Chengdu municipal Party committee and government, to continuously expand cooperation fields, enrich cooperation contents, and achieve win-win cooperation

at the signing ceremony, vice mayor Bai Gang and Su Qiang, general manager of China Unicom base office, signed the investment agreement between Chengdu Municipal People's government and China Unicom IDC (Chengdu) base project; Shuangliu County and China Unicom Sichuan Branch signed the project investment agreement. Sichuan Chengdu

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