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China will strengthen the quarantine of wooden packaging of goods exported to the EU. The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation and the State Forestry Administration recently jointly issued an emergency announcement, requiring local inspection and quarantine departments to strengthen the quarantine of pine wood nematodes in wooden packaging of Chinese enterprises exporting goods to the EU from October 1, and carry out disinfestation treatment before export, so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses

it is reported that recently, the European Commission issued a resolution on wood packaging, which adopted emergency quarantine measures for conifer wood packaging from Canada, Japan, the United States and China to prevent pine wood nematode from being introduced into the EU. For non-conforming wooden packages, the European side will take measures such as disinfestation, destruction and refusal of entry at the port of entry

in order to ensure the smooth export of our goods exported to Europe, and in view of the actual situation of pine wood nematode in some parts of China, the announcement requires that: if the goods exported to EU are packed with conifer wood from pine wood nematode epidemic areas, they must be subject to pest control treatment before export, and the qualified wooden packages must be marked with the treatment method, location and the unit implementing the treatment, And the entry-exit inspection and quarantine institution shall issue a plant quarantine certificate. For those using coniferous wood packaging from non epidemic areas of pine wood nematode, the entry-exit inspection and quarantine institution shall carry out quarantine and issue a plant quarantine certificate to prove that the wood packaging comes from non epidemic areas, unless the yield point of special specifications or other special experiments are carried out

according to the Xinhua news agency, these data are not needed by Xinze. In order to avoid unnecessary economic losses, the relevant departments remind the relevant export enterprises to apply for inspection to the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities in a timely manner. At the same time, the entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities in various regions should issue the customs clearance form for exit goods for the goods that meet the above requirements so that they immediately understand the above provisions

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