China will issue new standards for plastic profile

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China will issue a new standard for plastic profiles

which will save 20% ~ 40% of the cost for customers on average. It is reported that China will soon issue unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profiles for door and window frames gb/t8814-200 Χ New standards. The new standard puts forward higher performance requirements for plastic profiles, which will cultivate an enterprise echelon and facilitate the long-term development of the whole industry

compared with the current standard, the new standard has made three major changes in the relevant properties of profiles: the current standard does not specify the wall thickness of profiles, while the new standard divides the wall thickness of profiles into three categories; The new standard cancels the provisions that the profiles are classified into windows with an effective stretching distance of 0 ~ 700mm and windows with an inner door according to the 6 outer doors and windows, and divides the drop weight impact test of the main profiles into two categories; The new standard classifies the aging test indicators of profiles according to climate for the first time

experts in the industry pointed out that the classification of the relevant properties of plastic profiles in the new standard is not to divide the quality grade, but to take into account the complexity of China's geography, landform and gas phase conditions, and the great differences in temperature and wind pressure in different regions, different regions should select the corresponding profiles according to these factors

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