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On August 12, Wu Yong and zhuweijiang, leaders of the first tractor group, led the delegation of the first tractor group, and participated in the "China first tractor and Sinomach heavy industry business collaboration meeting" held in Changzhou Changlin Co., Ltd

this meeting was convened by the equipment manufacturing department of Sinomach group and led by the marketing department of China Yituo. Its purpose is to improve the general level of product support of China Yituo to other subordinate enterprises of Sinomach group

at the meeting, the delegation of China YITUO Group and the leaders of Sinomach Changlin Co., Ltd. had a full exchange and Discussion on enterprise development and strategic cooperation. Wangweiyan, Secretary of the Party committee of Sinomach and vice chairman and general manager of Changlin Co., Ltd., introduced the development of Changlin Co., Ltd. in detail, and zhuweijiang introduced the development of China Yituo. The leaders of 7 parts production units of China Yituo introduced the R & D and manufacturing capacity and supporting advantages of China Yituo, and conducted docking and product promotion with the counterpart departments of Changlin Co., Ltd. Up to now, the diesel engine company, the forging plant, the casting company and the freiger body company have reached a preliminary supporting intention. Zhuweijiang asked the participating parts manufacturers to keep close communication and contact with Sinomach Changlin Co., Ltd. for the unsightly color of the paint of the experimental machine, actively establish business and supporting relationships, and seek increment for the sales of China Yituo's parts and components

subsequently, the delegation of China YITUO Group visited the bridge box center of Changlin Co., Ltd., Sinomach (Changzhou) excavator Co., Ltd. and Changlin Jujin Road Machinery Co., Ltd., and went to the production line to have an in-depth understanding and investigation of the production assembly and parts supporting situation of Changlin Co., Ltd. At the general assembly workshop of the excavator company, Wuyong inquired in detail about the management process and work steps of the digital management console, as well as the specific details of computer application management, and spoke highly of and appreciated the rapid improvement of digital management of Changlin shares in recent years

on August 13, the delegation of China YITUO Group paid a visit to the headquarters of Jiangsu SUMEC, and had in-depth talks and business exchanges with caijibo, general manager of SUMEC. The two sides reached a cooperation consensus on deepening the generator unit project between the diesel engine company and sumeda electromechanical Co., Ltd

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