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Baotou, located in the south central part of Inner Mongolia and the North Bank of the Yellow River, is one of the important towns on the ancient Silk Road. Born in Baotou, Wu Ruijun is familiar with everything here. Here, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui and Han nationalities live together, and there are believers in Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, Catholicism and Christianity. Living in a culturally diverse industrial city makes him more open and inclusive

like many people in that era, Wu Ruijun joined the work early and became a correspondent in Baotou department store wholesale company at the age of 18. After more than two years of hard work, I have an opportunity to learn a secondary (Enterprise Management) major on behalf of others; After graduating from technical secondary school in 1988, he returned to his original unit to engage in financial field work. In September, 1988, in response to the national reform and opening-up policy, the commercial system of Baotou City made public and unified bidding for tertiary stations. Unwilling to abide by the rules, he and two colleagues contracted the Donghe branch of Baotou department store wholesale company. It took five years from starting at the grass-roots level to contracting Donghe branch as the main person in charge

after three years of hard work, Wu Ruijun, who mastered the management mode under the traditional planned economy, saw the flexibility of the market economy and his future choice. In 1991, he founded Baotou Hengrui Trade Co., Ltd. as the legal representative

however, things are not plain sailing. In July, 1997, the Southeast Asian financial crisis quickly swept through Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, China and other countries and regions, and evolved into the Asian financial crisis in the second half of the year. This made Wu Ruijun's trade career suffer an unprecedented blow, and the company suffered serious losses. Struggling until December, he had to declare bankruptcy

after more than a year of silence, Wu Ruijun is still unwilling to give up his dream. An accidental opportunity lies ahead, that is, the Italian market has a large demand for Chinese carpets. When demand and supply appear, businessmen have a keen sense of smell. So Wu Ruijun embraced the belief of going abroad to work hard. In 1999, he went to Italy to start his second business. Vulcano Comercio Internazionale S.r.l (located in Ravenna), an Italian volcano International Trade Co., Ltd., started from its main business of Chinese classical furniture, antique carpets and porcelain. With many years of business experience and an open and inclusive attitude, it has won the trust of European customers, occupied a place in the same industry in the Italian market, and has been recognized by the market, At the same time, it also laid a good foundation for the business development of Italian house in the future

after ten years of struggle, the 40 year old Wu Ruijun has gained a firm foothold in Italy and ranked among the successful overseas Chinese entrepreneurs in Italy. Fate seems to test Wu Ruijun once again. In 2008, the chain reaction triggered by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis led to the European financial crisis, and the European market was full of sadness. Wu Ruijun and his enterprise have come to another crossroads and face difficult choices. Hold on to the old stall and survive the crisis. Maybe we can wait for spring. But he failed to survive the severe winter of the Asian financial crisis ten years ago. How many decades of life can you start over? Experience told him that he must find a way out in the change

At the beginning of the crisis, Alibaba, a Hangzhou company also founded in 1999, attracted his attention and interest. In November, 2007, Alibaba Network Co., Ltd. was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange. Internet e-commerce let him see the future trend of business development. Wu Ruijun, who had lived in Europe for many years at that time, knew the Italian and European home building materials markets very well. He had many enterprises, rich products, distinctive personalized design features, sophisticated manufacturing technology, and a good design foundation. However, due to the conservative thinking of Italians, old sales methods, narrow sales channels and poor sales, a large number of enterprises went bankrupt in the financial crisis. In Wu Ruijun's view, this is a huge business opportunity and a treasure to be developed

crisis and opportunity coexist, and risks and challenges coexist. Wu Ruijun chose to challenge new fields. With years of business experience and sharp business thinking, he found that the Internet plus general trade model is the golden key to open this treasure. At this time, as the economic crisis continued to spread in Europe, the market was depressed, and the phenomenon of enterprise bankruptcy continued to expand. The development of China's Internet industry is in full swing. Wu Ruijun, who made up his mind, resolutely decided to return home and start his third business

in December, 2010, Wu Ruijun founded Beijing humon Xinda International Trade Co., Ltd. to operate the brand Italian home (www.italiyclassico.com), creating a customized platform for high-end imported home building materials with a new business model combining e-commerce concepts and general trade models. Mainly engaged in high-end home building materials customization business in Italy and Europe. But his goal is not limited to this. He realized that the development of the Internet will subvert traditional industries, and traditional industries will transform to the Internet model in order to survive. In addition to customization business, he set his sights on a larger market

in 2015, Ma Huateng put forward the concept of "Internet +" at the national two sessions, and Premier Li Keqiang put forward the action plan of "Internet + and cross-border o2o" for the first time in the government work report. It has become a national strategy to combine the Internet with all walks of life, including traditional industries, so as to create a new ecosystem in new fields

thanks to his foresight five years ago, Wu Ruijun planned his layout earlier. After a large number of support for the new deal and market development preparations, when the state introduced the cross-border direct mail policy in 2015, he took advantage of the trend to establish his second company, Hangzhou kasaitalina e-commerce Co., Ltd., which operates the brand European top grade (www.ozsp.com), and is mainly engaged in high-end household appliances and high-end daily necessities in Europe, Cross border direct mail of standard products

although Wu Ruijun started his business in China, he did not give up his layout in the European market. At the same time, casaitariana S.r.l, an upstream company, was opened in Italy, that is, home of Italy, and its headquarters were moved to Milan. Comprehensively carry out upstream resource integration, quotation consultation, order placement, logistics and other docking work with Italian enterprises. In July 2015, during the global promotion of European home building materials enterprises, he founded eurooo S.r.l (yourong international e-commerce Co., Ltd.) in Italy

with the continuous growth of the business of the group company, the increase of the development business of the technical department and the continuous introduction of technical talents, the platform PC, WAP, app, ERP system and wechat applet developed by the company have all independent intellectual property rights, establishing a new technical barrier in the industry. He foresees that these technologies will bring market drive to the global home building materials field in the future, so he decided to establish the third company in China - oucheng E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. in 2016, so that the company's core technology and intellectual property rights can be effectively guaranteed

after eight years of development, Wu Ruijun successively established three Chinese companies and two Italian companies; It is planned to establish resource integration platform companies in Germany, France, Spain, Britain and other places in the near future; Set up international market distribution platform companies in New York, Moscow, Toronto, Sydney, Mumbai and other places; Gradually complete the online and offline strategic layout with a global perspective

the waves are scouring the sand, "Internet +" and cross-border o2o e-commerce are entering the second half. The four platforms under the Italian home founded by Wu Ruijun will leverage the entire Internet home sector around the world with forward-looking technology, unique service concepts, and global logistics distribution. At this time, his ideal is to become a bridge and link connecting the world's multiculturalism. In order to realize this wish, he is leading a team of more than 200 people at home and abroad, and is quietly moving forward





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