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The new year brings a new atmosphere. In 2015, boxman wardrobe entered a new era. In the new year, bokman will create a more brilliant history! In the past five years, more and more consumers have chosen bockman's products and promoted the brand to more friends with their own experience. Good user reputation, accumulated over time in this way, fermentation and sedimentation, makes the boxman brand stand out from many furniture brands

the rise of bokman is inevitable.

in recent years, the customized wardrobe industry has developed rapidly. However, the lack of product innovation in the market has led to aesthetic fatigue of the new generation of consumers on furniture products, and gradually began to lose some confidence in the existing traditional wardrobe enterprises. It makes the furniture enterprises with poor sales worse, but it is in such an environment that boxman, as a leading brand in the customized wardrobe industry in East China, is always leading the trend of wardrobe customization

the renewal of the market is also an inevitable law of the market process. It is not based on human will. In addition, the original market of the wardrobe has become saturated, and the new market needs to be developed urgently. However, furniture enterprises following the traditional development model are obviously difficult to adapt to the new market, and homogenization and labeling are still full of the furniture industry. If this development continues, the furniture industry will only stagnate, so the industry itself also needs new blood to change the original disadvantages

in this case, while focusing on the domestic consumption concept, bokman continues to integrate the top European home furnishing trend into the Chinese market, leading the healthy and sustainable development of the domestic customized wardrobe industry. With its advantages of scientific space design, exquisite production technology, classic fashion shape and color, boxman wardrobe launches dozens of products representing the latest trends and wind vanes of the industry every year, winning the attention and favor of customers at home and abroad. Therefore, the rise of bokman is by no means accidental

boxman's new era is also a big era

in just five years, boxman's sales have doubled every year, and its staff has also increased from the initial dozens to more than 100. And get a good reputation in the industry. The company has won many honors, such as "top ten leading brands of Chinese Wardrobe", "2010 Modern Express home fashion award ・ trend Design Award", "Yangtze River Delta home industry network growth brand", "Nanjing customized wardrobe expert advisory group brand", "2012 popular building materials brand", and so on

in the past five years, bokman has made miraculous achievements one after another, but bokman has never been proud and has been working hard. Bokman people know that in this era, only keeping up with the pace of the times can ensure that they will not be eliminated. Bokman people believe that you can't simply think that the wardrobe is just a tool, just practical. In fact, the design and marketing mode as well as the investment management method are very important. Therefore, if enterprises want to ensure that they will not be eliminated, the wardrobe industry in the new era should also follow suit and strive for change and survival

-- new factory mode

in order to meet the huge customer demand in the new era, the company will plan to build a standard plant of nearly 100000 square meters in phase II, and spend a lot of money to introduce the most advanced integrated production equipment from Germany, Italy and other countries. In order to ensure the quality of products, the company has also formed strategic partnership with international first-line plate and accessory brands such as Daya base material, German Henkel, German rubber king, Japan NSK, Italy FGV, and strives to create a healthy, environmental friendly, modern and fashionable home life for every family

-- a new direct sales model

the boxman direct sales store in the new era will adopt a new big store service concept and establish a more three-dimensional and panoramic experience. Present the product in the form of experience. For example, "overall bedroom", "cloakroom", "dining room", "living room", "study" and other real experience spaces, through the form of real experience, let customers feel the atmosphere of future home. Therefore, it can be said that boxman's new 020 marketing is a new model that subverts the traditional home business. Now every 18 seconds, a family chooses boxman, and nearly 100000 users choose to use boxman brand wardrobes in every city every year

-- new investment policy

customized wardrobe is an emerging industry with a broad market, which requires franchisees to have scientific marketing concepts and sales strategies. In the new year, boxman will provide more professional franchising services and increase the support of dealers, including advertising fee support - franchisees' support of 30% to 40% of image advertisements in their cities; Decoration rebate support - according to the area of the franchised store, a decoration subsidy of 100-200 yuan/square meter will be given. Sales rebate support - complete the tasks set by the company throughout the year, give a maximum of 8% sales rebate support, and strive to cooperate smoothly with franchisees, win and benefit each other, and move towards success

in the new era, the establishment of a new o2o marketing

network platform has made network marketing a reality. You can buy high-quality and low-cost goods without leaving home, which has become a consumption path of choice for many consumers. In the past, new models such as online display platforms and e-commerce were not favored by the furniture industry. However, bockman believes that although there are still some obstacles in online shopping malls, they cannot change the fact that online marketing is the direction and popular trend of wardrobe development in the future

with the increasing dependence of all walks of life on the Internet, the wardrobe industry continues to expand online publicity, and the number of online clicks is also increasing. Bokman adopts a new 020 marketing model - that is, a "dual platform 020" based on the online "bokman home mall" and the offline "bokman experience Pavilion" "Business model. Consumers can not only enjoy the fast and convenient online shopping, but also feel the quality and comfort of the brand sold in the online mall in the boxman furniture experience Pavilion.

the establishment of online platform is not only a better supplement to the direct marketing model, but also the best service tool for franchisees everywhere. As long as franchisees choose boxman, there will be countless franchisees everywhere with the online promotion of the headquarters at home Traffic poured into the store

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