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Decoration geomantic omen is a geomantic knowledge that people pay more attention to in geomantic omen. Do you know anything about house decoration geomantic omen? Let's take a look at the following articles

What are the feng shui knowledge of house decoration? What are the taboos of house Feng Shui? First of all, start from the door. First of all, avoid opening the door of the house, avoid seeing the stove. When you see the stove at the entrance, anger will make money and gas unable to enter. Second, avoid seeing the toilet when you open the door. If you enter the door, you will see the toilet when you enter the door, such as filthy welcome people. Second, avoid seeing the couch when you open the door, and the door is facing the master's bedroom, which will make the master more dangerous and not conducive to wealth gathering.</p>
<p>there are also taboos of house Feng Shui The bedside is not easy to be empty. The bed is suitable to be placed in the corner of the bedroom, and the more sides against the wall, the more suitable, because the corner of the room is inclined to the door, which is the best place to hide wind and gas in the house, which is conducive to the owner's career and wealth</p>
<p>it's not good to put your seat back against the window at home. That's a bad seat placement. At the same time, the seats should be placed on the back of the mountain, that is, on the wall, and there should not be too much space between the seats and the wall. Without backing, it will bring the impact of miscellaneous Qi to people</p>
<p>house decoration and furnishings Feng Shui</p>
<p>in modern times, many families worship gods in order to protect their ancestors, live a long and healthy life, and attract wealth. However, placing the traditional Shentai in a modern layout house will seem out of place. If this contradiction is to be eliminated, the layout method that adapts to local conditions should be adopted</p>
<p>the landlord is one of the gods most often worshipped in the house. Other gods can move into other hidden corners of the house, but the landlord must stand in front of the door, because the name of the landlord is? Five sides, five Earth Dragon gods, the God of wealth of the front and rear landlords?, We should face the door and accept money from all sides outside the door, so as to enhance the wealth of the house. The landlord is also the patron saint of the house. Standing in front of the door, you can turn away cattle, ghosts and snakes</p>
<p>the best way for the landlord to place the throne is to offer it separately in the porch cabinet facing the door, which is less conspicuous, without losing the principle that the landlord should stand towards the door. Since ancient times, the landlord has been enshrined on the ground for a long time. Even if it is placed next to the shoe cabinet, people come and go every day, there is no problem</p>
<p>the ground cabinet can be used as a shoe cabinet or sundry cabinet. In order to match the surrounding environment, the external color can be arbitrary, but the interior of the landlord God cabinet must be painted in red with gold dots</p>
<p>as for the God of literature and wealth, it should not be placed at the door of the porch. There are two kinds of gods of wealth, civil and military. The gods of wealth, such as Guan Gong, the sage of Wu, and Zhao Gongming, the marshal of Fuhu, should all stand in front of the door. However, if the gods of wealth, such as Fu Lushou Sanxing and Caibo Xingjun, face the door, they will give money outside the house, which will be self defeating. Therefore, even if the God of wealth is placed in the porch, he must face the house, not the door, so as to avoid the leakage of money. Wen Caishen faces the house because it can lead money into the house, but you must be careful not to face the toilet or aquarium, so as not to lead money into the house, but often see money turn into water</p>
<p>3、 The selection and placement of plants</p>
<p>(the living room should pay attention to some. The varieties that can be selected are Fugui bamboo, Penglai pine, cactus, Luohan pine, Aesculus, palm bamboo, fortune tree, Clivia, bulbus, orchid, cyclamen, citrus, Nest Fern, dragon blood tree, etc. these plants are

③ the study

the study should be full of scholarly atmosphere, and the plants should be placed in the Wenchang position of the owner. You can choose mangosteen, asparagus, Phyllostachys pubescens, ivy vine, etc. these plants can strengthen people's thinking, conducive to learning, and you can also put a basin leaf grass on the desk, which has the effect of calming the mind, dredging the orifices and preventing insomnia.

④ besides the health of the owner of the dining room, it is required to be neat and unified. Plants can take yellow first Rose, yellow carnation, yellow Suxin, etc., mainly orange, increase appetite and promote physical health

⑤ balcony

Four Seasons flower varieties should be selected according to sunlight conditions, such as jasmine, chrysanthemum, Netherlands, Begonia. Passionflower, asparagus, carnation, Begonia, sunflower, Milan, osmanthus, crab orchid, etc; When placing all kinds of flowers, the masculine ones should be close to the sun, and the feminine ones should be placed behind them. The lighting should be in its place

⑥ gate

if the gate is opposite to the stairs, you can use sword leaf red and fishtail sunflower. Brown bamboo melts into evil. Place it at the opposite place. Another example is that there is evil spirit in the balcony window. Cactus, rose, jade kylin can be used to turn evil spirit, and potted gourd can also be used to turn evil spirit

4、 Living room furnishings

(2. If you meet the window, you can nail the plywood wall inside, so that the wealth position will not leak out.

3. If there is an aisle at the opposite corner of the door, you can place a screen, which can not only avoid the embarrassment of penetration, but also form a good wealth position.

4. Lining the wealth position with a lush bonsai can make the luck better. The bonsai flowers and leaves should be round and large, and avoid conifers and azaleas. Plants such as fortune tree and WAN young are the best. Flowering bonsai should be carefully remembered Its flowering period

III. light source: the living room must have good lighting, and the lighting should also be lighting. This is the popular meaning of "light hall darkroom". And the choice of lamps and lanterns, then take the circle as the best, in order to take its meaning of perfection

IV. beams and columns: the living room should avoid the obstruction of beams. Such defects can be entrusted to the designer to use beautification skills to slightly transform the structure of the building. For example, the planning of arch, the extension of ceiling, or the modeling of ceiling can be used, and the ceiling is set into two blocks

v. color system: the color system of various software and hardware in the space can be based on the owner's birthday. Those born in spring and summer can be matched with elegant cold colors (such as white and light blue), while those born in autumn and winter can teach bright colors (such as yellow and red)

VI. moving line: the main moving line of the living room is straight and open. Looking in from the gate, the most taboo is to directly see the kitchen stove, but this lack can be covered by a screen or a high cabinet. In addition, you should also avoid seeing all the room doors and back doors at the entrance, otherwise you will have the worry of "front door in, back door out, can't accumulate money". Moreover, the walkway should avoid penetrating the whole room vertically or horizontally

VII. Furnishings: fish tanks and bonsai furnishings have the function of "catching Qi", making the interior more angry and hopeful. Fish species are mainly considered to be colorful and singular. In addition, the wall clock is also a good arrangement

what Feng Shui problems should be paid attention to in house decoration

no matter what kind of house, you can't let the stairs run directly against the door, especially in villas. Sometimes the stairs are designed to face the door for beauty, which is easy to lead to the loss of money and happiness. And the slope of the stairs should be as small as possible, otherwise it is difficult to gather gas. The size of the house is also related to the shape choice of the stairs. Spiral stairs can be made in small houses, which is not only conducive to gas gathering, but also saves space; The house with large space can adopt arc stairs and broken line stairs. The former is beautiful and comfortable, and the latter is more casual, which are good choices. These three kinds of stairs can leave a large space for the flow of indoor air field, which not only meets the requirements of "like whirling and avoid direct rushing", but also takes into account the practicality and aesthetics. When setting stairs, try to choose a position close to the wall

2. The ceiling of the porch is too low

the space of the porch is the key to air circulation, which should be relatively spacious, so as to facilitate the air transportation at home. If the ceiling is too low, it is easy to cause a sense of oppression, which means that the family is easy to be suppressed and can't stand out one day. Therefore, the ceiling of the porch should be high rather than low

3. The attic of the villa is used as the bedroom

whether it is a villa or an ordinary residence, the most basic requirement of the bedroom is that the shape is square, and it cannot be polygonal or have beveled edges. If the attic is used as a bedroom, the beveled edge of the roof is easy to cause visual illusion, and the polygonal bedroom pattern formed by the beveled edge will also increase people's mental burden, and people living in this house are prone to diseases or accidents. Therefore, if you want to make effective use of the attic of the villa, it is recommended to use it as a storage room

4. The roof inclination is too large

generally, there will be no geomantic problems on the roof, but now there are some European and American style houses, and the roofs of some houses are too extreme with slopes and shapes, forming a vicious face from the face. The triangular roof with a large inclination or the roof with a slope is called "cold shoulder house", which is not conducive to the Feng Shui pattern of wealth accumulation. The sharper the roof, the greater the negative impact. The triangular roof with great inclination will make the air flow inside and outside the house abnormal; A sloping roof will bias the intake of external air, making the frequency of the body unbalanced. Living under this deformed roof for a long time, it is easy to become neurotic and hysterical, and eventually become depressed and ill

5. Choose yellow for the porch light

the round light in the porch is the best, symbolizing perfection. White light should be used for lighting. White light represents rationality and has decisive and rational judgment, which is conducive to the rational use of money by family members. Yellow light represents sensibility. Sensibility makes people hesitate and is not conducive to judgment. Using yellow light is also easy to make families spend money unconsciously

6. Place heavy objects in the center position

for a villa, the center position is the most important place in Feng Shui, which is as important as human heart. No matter which floor it is, there must be no heavy objects in this position. For the floor with a bedroom, if a room happens to be in the middle, it must not be left vacant for a long time. Choosing this room for the bedroom is regarded as a sign of the emperor in Feng Shui. Living in this bedroom for a long time is very beneficial to the development of studies and careers. In this way, the villa has become a veritable "house of kings"

7. The air in the porch is not circulating, and sundries are misplaced.

the porch is the door.

almost every family has a dressing mirror, so where is the dressing mirror good for Feng Shui? What are the highlights of Feng Shui in dressing glasses? Here are some relevant knowledge of dressing mirror Feng Shui, which you can refer to

I. where to put the dressing glasses? Feng Shui is good.

the position of entering the door is the financial position. The placement of the dressing glasses should avoid the financial position as far as possible. Generally, it is appropriate to fix a piece of glass on the wall on the left side of the entrance porch. People who are used to dressing and auditioning in the bedroom can place glass borders in the bedroom, but pay attention to the placement of Feng Shui in the dressing mirror, try to avoid the decoration facing the bed, and arrange the mirror to be placed on the side of the bed. If there is a big wardrobe in the bedroom, install the mirror on the door of the wardrobe, which will not affect sleep, but also make it very convenient to audition

II. Dressing mirror Feng Shui is exquisite





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