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Today is April 22, 2016, a hot and dry day. Xiaobian, I always want to rush into the bathroom to take a cold bath, if it's not for the cleaning aunt guarding at the door. In the face of rising

today is April 22, 2014, a hot and dry day. Xiaobian, I always want to rush into the bathroom to take a cold bath, if it's not for the cleaning aunt guarding at the door. Facing the increasing temperature, cooling is imminent. How to cool down your home? Air conditioning, ventilation, watering &hellip& hellip; There seem to be many methods. However, the following is a kind of door and window, a door and window that can help cool down, which is called heat insulation bridge broken aluminum alloy door and window

sorry, what is “ Broken bridge aluminum ”? What does it have to do with the broken West Lake Bridge

“ Solemnly declare that the broken bridge aluminum has nothing to do with the West Lake broken bridge, and refuse all the hype that binds us& rdquo;& ldquo; Broken bridge aluminum ” “ in this name; Bridge ” It refers to “ Cold and hot bridge ”, And “ Break ” Word means action, that is “ Break the hot and cold bridge &rdquo

specifically, because aluminum alloy is a metal, its heat conduction is relatively fast, so when the indoor and outdoor temperatures are much different, aluminum alloy can become a heat transfer “ Bridge ”, The heat insulation performance of doors and windows made of such materials is poor. The bridge breaking aluminum is to disconnect the aluminum alloy from the middle. It uses hard plastic to connect the disconnected aluminum alloy. We know that the heat conduction of plastic is obviously slower than that of metal, so the heat cannot easily pass through the whole material, and the heat insulation performance of the material is also improved. This is “ Broken bridge aluminum (alloy) ” The origin of the name of

door and window frames and fans made of heat-insulating bridge cutoff aluminum alloy, equipped with insulating glass, hardware, invisible screen windows, glass glue, styrofoam, sealing strips, etc., are processed into portal windows, which are called heat-insulating bridge cutoff aluminum alloy doors and windows

the outstanding advantages of heat insulation bridge cutoff aluminum alloy doors and windows are high strength, good heat insulation, good rigidity, good fire resistance, large lighting area, good atmospheric corrosion resistance, high comprehensive performance, long service life, good decorative effect. The use of high-grade bridge cutoff aluminum alloy doors and windows is the preferred product for high-grade architectural windows

support heat insulation bridge broken aluminum alloy doors and windows, and defeat all high-temperature activists! Please protect our anti fever heroes

1. Frequently check the junction of the broken bridge aluminum door and window frame wall. If it is loose over time, it is very easy to deform the whole frame, so that the doors and windows cannot be closed and sealed. Therefore, the screws at the connection should be tightened immediately if they are loose. If the screw footing is loose, it should be sealed with a small amount of cement mixed with epoxy strong glue

2. The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in clean water or neutral detergent. Ordinary soap and washing powder cannot be used, nor can strong acid-base cleaners such as decontamination powder and toilet detergent be used

3. Sealing wool and glass glue are the key to ensure the sealing, thermal insulation and waterproof of bridge broken aluminum doors and windows. If they fall off, they should be repaired and replaced in time

4. After a rainy day, the rain drops on the glass and door and window frames should be timely paid special attention to the accumulation of water in the chute. If the chute is used for a long time and the friction force increases, you can add a little engine oil or apply a layer of wax oil

5. The tightening bolts, positioning shafts, wind braces, ground springs, etc. should be checked frequently, and the damaged parts and vulnerable parts of aluminum alloy doors and windows should be replaced in time. Add lubricating oil regularly to keep it clean and flexible

6. During the use of bridge broken aluminum doors and windows, push and pull gently, and push and pull naturally; If you find any difficulty, don't force it. You should eliminate the fault first. Ash accumulation and deformation are the main reasons for the difficulty of pushing and pulling aluminum alloy doors and windows. It is necessary to keep the door frame clean, especially the pulling groove. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust in the groove and the top of the door seal

on this hot Friday, I wrote the above article, and I finally took a cold bath. If aunt Baojie hadn't appeared in time, I would have believed it





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