Nine principles of Feng Shui for office decoration

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Nine principles of Feng Shui in office decoration

the first principle of Feng Shui in office decoration: avoid having windows behind seats

now many high-end offices have bright floor to ceiling windows, overlooking the buildings, and there is a high pleasure. Some people like to place their desks in parallel with the windows, set the seats between the desks and the floor to ceiling windows, and use the windows as backers. The desks placed in this way are also in the wrong position. There is a window behind the seat, just as there is a door behind the seat. The window is the entrance of light and Qi. The theory is the same as avoiding sitting behind the door

solutions: first, adjust the position of the desk; Second, choose a seat with a high back

the second principle of Feng Shui in office decoration: there is a backer behind the appropriate seat

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the first principle of good feng shui is "surrounded by mountains and waters", that is to say, there is a mountain behind it to rely on, to prosper people, and there is water in front of it to surround, to prosper wealth. Therefore, there must be a backer behind the seat to be conducive to the career of workers. The so-called "backer" in the office is a wall. The seat should lean against the wall as much as possible, and it is best not to leave too much space between the wall and the seat

the third principle of Feng Shui in office decoration: avoid sitting behind the door

if the desk is placed close to the door, people should sit behind the door, which is the first basic point to avoid when placing the desk

the door is the necessary place for people to enter, the air port of the office, and also the place to receive gas, including anger and evil spirit. If a person sits with his back behind the door, there is no support behind his seat, and there are people coming and going behind him. For a long time, the office staff sitting here will often be in a subconscious state of tension. Sometimes they always feel as if someone is watching, resulting in disordered thoughts, wrong decisions, unable to do everything stably, always feel restless, and even have poor kidney function, back pain, villains at work, things wrong, etc. This situation is called "cold wind blows back" in Feng Shui. The first solution is to adjust the position of the desk and change it to a position where you don't sit behind the door; However, it is not easy for small office staff to adjust the position of their desks, because many desks are placed because of the needs of work, so we can choose a chair with a back to sit on, so that we can not only lean behind, but also block the impact of miscellaneous air

the fourth principle of Feng Shui in office decoration: don't sit near the window of the aisle

the window is an air inlet of the house, which will bring in anger or evil spirit, but the window with a pedestrian walkway outside the window will not only bring in the coming and going noise, but also the footsteps of pedestrians, noise, and other noises will interfere with your work. If the desk is set under the sidewalk, it is equivalent to placing the desk under some shapes; If you need to study the company's secrets, you will naturally worry that some miscellaneous people will spy. Working on this desk near the window will make you restless

the solution is: the desk should be as far away from the window as possible. The distance away from the window is that people in the aisle can't see the documents on the desk clearly. At the same time, we should also use curtains, often covering the window with curtains to avoid the shadow of people shaking outside the window from affecting the thinking of workers

the fifth principle of Feng Shui in office decoration: how to properly promote "peach blossom"

many people often joke and ask their friends, "have you had good luck recently?" In fact, a person with a peach blossom life refers to a person who is beautiful and has literary or artistic talent. Because he is excellent, he is easily favored by the opposite sex. However, this peach blossom refers to the legitimate peach blossom. People with poor luck can layout in their own peach blossom position, so as to destroy their heterosexual relationship, and incorrect decoration will bring peach blossom disaster to themselves

people who hope to have peach blossoms can put a vase full of water in their peach blossom position, where they can grow flowers. It is best to plant peach branches in the season with peach blossoms. How to determine your peach blossom position

the Chinese Zodiac belongs to monkey, mouse and dragon, and the peach blossom is located in the due west

the Chinese Zodiac belongs to tiger, horse and dog, and the peach blossom is located in the East

the peach blossom of pigs, rabbits and sheep in the Chinese zodiac is in the north

the peach blossom of the zodiac genus snake, chicken and cow is located in the due south

the sixth principle of Feng Shui in office decoration: avoid mirror exposure

many units have a large cosmetic mirror, and some people who love beauty also like to put a mirror on their desk. Beauty is human nature, but if the mirror shines on you every day, over time, you will find that you often suffer from dizziness, decision-making mistakes, poor sleep and other problems that make people weak. Mirror is called "Guangsha" in geomantic omen, which is a tool to avoid evil spirits; The world in the mirror is called phantom, which can make people's minds chaotic and empty. Modern buildings often use glass to cover the walls of the whole building. This is the most powerful light evil. There will be a lot of bad things for people in the exposed mansion. The powerful light evil will lead to bloodshed, right and wrong, and money. So when you are often exposed to the big mirror, don't stink anymore, and it's better to avoid it

the seventh principle of Feng Shui in office decoration: effectively destroy wealth

placing wealth destroying supplies in the wealth position of the office can make the wealth of the whole office prosperous. Wealth position requires professional measurement by feng shui masters to determine the accurate windfall wealth position, partial wealth position and positive wealth position. Some money destroying things can't be misplaced, such as water dispensers, goldfish tanks, air conditioners, etc., but some money destroying mascots will be placed even if people who don't understand Feng Shui read this article

for example, civet (also known as' avoiding evil '), kylin, dragon turtle and Golden Toad are feng shui products that destroy wealth quickly. However, there are differences in the placement. The front three should be placed with their heads facing the door or window, while the Golden Toad is on the contrary. Its head should be facing the room, because the tortoise, kylin and Dragon Tortoise are all from the four sides, while the Golden Toad is spitting money, so their placement is different. In addition, these destroyed properties must be opened to be effective

the eighth principle of geomantic omen in office decoration: reasonable selection of desks

nowadays, the quality of desks is generally wood-based, but if people who avoid wood by fate use wooden desks, bad things will happen. We can choose a desk that is conducive to our own destiny. If there are few choices in quality, we can make use of and remedy them in terms of color and style

color of fire: red, purple

color of soil: yellow, coffee, tawny, brown

color of gold: white, gold, silver

color of water: black, blue, gray

color of wood: green, cyan, emerald

that is to say, if people who love fire by fate can choose a jujube red desk, people who love water can choose a dark blue desk, and so on. Also, if the dirty body is uncomfortable, it can also be made up by color. For example, some people often socialize and drink because of their work. For a long time, the liver will be unbearable and often faint pain. We can choose a green wooden desk to fill the five elements of the liver. Some people have bad kidneys, so they can choose the color of water to replenish the five elements of the kidney. The heart is not good at choosing the five elements belonging to fire, the stomach is not good at choosing the five elements belonging to soil, and the lung is not good at choosing the five elements belonging to gold. We not only have a comfortable desk at work, but also take care of our bodies

at present, the style of desk still guides the main trend is a capable and concise rectangle. In fact, people who know a little feng shui knowledge can choose a style of desk that is beneficial to themselves. One is that it is close to their own three sides or a straight line, while the outermost side they face is semicircular; Another kind of desk is a circular arc, like a belt wrapped around itself. Feng Shui is the most particular about the principles of 'embracing mountains and waters' and' wrapping jade belts around the waist '. This kind of embracing your desk is not only beneficial to yourself and allows some good luck to gather, but also the best thing is that it can melt some evil spirit you face. Therefore, this kind of embracing your desk, you'd better not have colleagues face to face, otherwise it will bring bad luck to colleagues. (guidaye

the ninth principle of Feng Shui in office decoration: avoid beam capping

some people in the office have just a beam on their head, and some people have low ceilings on their heads. These things are called "beam capping" in Feng Shui, that is, in the long run, people will be under pressure at work, criticized by their superiors, maligned by villains, cervical pain, and luck block. The solution: the gourd in Feng Shui plays the role of turning the disease and collecting the evil spirit. Go to the handicraft store to buy a few decorative vines with gourds and wrap them around it, which is not only beautiful, but also turns the evil spirit of the top of the beam




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