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1、 Plastering works: 1 Total thickness of plastering ≥ 35mm/m take strengthening measures; 2. Strengthening measures shall be taken at the junction of different material substrates

II. Door and window works: 1 Embedded parts and anchors; 2. Anti corrosion and filling treatment

III. ceiling works: 1 Pipeline and equipment installation, water test and pressure test; 2. Fire prevention and corrosion prevention of wooden keel; 3. Embedded parts and tie bars; 4. Boom installation; 5. Keel installation; 6. Filling material setting

IV. light partition wall works 1 Installation of equipment and pipelines in the skeleton partition wall and pressure test of water pipes; 2. Fire prevention and corrosion prevention of wooden keel; 3. Embedded parts and tie bars; 4. Keel installation; 5. Filling material setting

v. decorative panel (brick) Engineering: 1 Embedded parts (or post embedded parts); 2. Connection point; 3. Waterproof layer

VI. curtain wall works; 1. Embedded parts (or post embedded parts); 2. Connection points of components; 3. Structural joints at deformation joints and wall corners; 4. Lightning protection device; 5. Fireproof structure

VII. Painting works (base treatment); 1. Brush alkali resistant sealing primer (new building concrete or plastered base); 2. Brush the interface agent (old wall) and clean the original decorative layer; 3. If solvent paint is applied on the concrete or plastered base course, the moisture content of the base course shall not be greater than 8%; No more than 10% of lotion coating is applied; Wood base is not more than 12%; 4. Base course putty: flat, solid, firm, without pulverization, peeling and cracks. Interior wall putty: the bonding strength meets the provisions of putty for indoor use in buildings jg/t3049; 5. Kitchen and bathroom: waterproof putty

VIII. Mounting and soft packaging works: (the same as painting works); 1. The moisture content of the base course shall not be greater than 8% and 12%; 2. The flatness, perpendicularity and the squareness of internal and external corners of the base comply with 4.2.11 (plastering); 3. The surface color of the base course is consistent; 4. Sealing glue painting

IX. detail engineering: 1 Embedded parts (or post embedded parts); 2. Connection node between guardrail and embedded parts

X. ground engineering: 1 Water storage test in isolation area (refers to waterproof requirements) a.24h; b. Height 20-30m/M; 2. Laying of wood and bamboo layer A. waterproof, moisture-proof and vulcanization (bamboo floor) adjacent to the kitchen and bathroom B. corrosion prevention, mothproofing and moisture content of wood grating, skid and base wood board C. spacing of wood grating, end face size, padding and nailing D. leave a joint of 30m/m with the wall

Xi. Water supply, drainage and heating: 1 Installation of indoor water supply pipes (to be concealed) A. corrosion prevention (or secondary galvanization) B. pressure test C. connection method of pipe fittings D. installation position of cold and hot water pipes E. water supply F. weld (refers to the situation requiring welding) g. slope; 2. Installation of indoor drainage system A. water filling test B. slope C. ball passing 3 The installation of sanitary ware a. the water inlets and risers of sanitary ware connected with the horizontal drainage pipe should be properly and reliably fixed B. the joint between the pipe and the floor should be firmly and reliably anti-seepage measures

XII. Electrical installation works: 1 Laying of wire conduit, cable conduit and trunking; 2. Wire and cable threading and trunking; 3. Installation of lighting fixtures; 4. Installation of lighting switch, socket and electric fan




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