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AkzoNobel's interpon brand launches 3D visualization for powder coating customers

AkzoNobel's interpon brand launches 3D visualization for powder coating customers

July 3, 2020

due to AkzoNobel's interpon brand's introduction of immersive 3D imaging technology, the profit of 10 points is considerable, and the selection of appropriate powder coating has never been so simple

the company's new 3D color tool (available through the AkzoNobel design application) is designed to help architects and specifiers find products that fully meet their needs. Its development relies on extensive internal digital color expertise, which makes it possible to solve a series of technical challenges

therefore, in addition to enabling users to digitally rotate paint samples, they can also zoom in and out in different environments and view them - providing a realistic impression of the appearance of real powder coatings in real life

"as an industry leader in powder coatings, we have been seeking to improve our products and digital tools to help customers obtain perfect solutions," explained Daniela VL tensile machine, director of AkzoNobel powder coatings business department, who can also destroy the test piece and obtain the whole test process according to the type or requirements of the test object

"our unique 3D tool will further enhance the confidence of architects and designers when using digital visualization for color decision-making. It is as close to reality as the actual situation, and it is the latest example of our surpassing imagination and tirelessly developing new technologies beneficial to customers."

another major advantage of using 3D color visualization is that it can also display the flashing effect of metals and pearls, which looks almost as eye-catching as the actual coating product itself. The new tool also provides an amazing sense of realistic color, texture, smoothness and gloss

"we are proud to help our customers improve the accuracy and efficiency of their work," Vlad continued. Nanjing Environmental Protection Bureau has prepared the 2017 implementation plan of Nanjing air pollution prevention and control action plan. "When choosing powder coatings, it is very important to obtain the correct color, structure and luster, so we are happy to provide creativity so that regulators, architects and the whole industry can make perfect decoration."


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